Bankruptcy Funds May Be On The Way For Floridians Affected By Opioid Crisis

Bankruptcy Funds May Be On The Way For Floridians Affected By Opioid Crisis

South Florida is known for its sunny weather, Miami nightlife, and its amusement parks. However, there is one less glamorous industry that Florida – especially Palm Beach County, Florida is known for, and that is its addiction rehabilitation facilities.

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis that has plagued our nation for years has led to a booming business sector in south Florida. People from throughout the country have traveled to south Florida seeking refuge and treatment at these local treatment facilities.

Now that one of the main producers of the opioids upon which the crisis was created, Purdue Pharma, LP, has filed for bankruptcy, the states effected by the crises are negotiating deals to obtain a portion of the four billion dollars reserved for the states effected by the crisis. Florida, being one of those states is set to receive a portion of those funds to assist with opioid addiction intervention, treatment, recovery, and education in an effort to assist those residents who may be struggling with overcoming opioid addition.

While those who have been lost or damaged by Purdue Pharma and the opioid epidemic that it fueled can never be made whole, this Bankruptcy case is likely to help bring the much-needed resources to communities that continue to suffer and help prevent future opioid abuse. We now know that south Florida will be one of those communities being given the potentially life-saving resources that those suffering so badly need.

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