Immigration Law

In today’s world, being a potential immigrant comes with a host of questions and possible issues that may need to be overcome. We serve clients worldwide and extensive experience in a wide range of immigration matters for both individuals and corporations. From corporate immigration, where we assist in bringing in a foreign workforce, to family matters where we reunite relatives, we provide unparalleled service and strategic advice. Often, we have our initial consultation via Skype or email as our clients are located globally. From the outset, we make the client feel at home, but always point out the issues involved in the case and quote a reasonable fee for the work to be performed. At Brodzki Jacobs, upon retention, we introduce our clients to our case manager and other attorneys who will work on the team for each matter. We treat our clients like family and often become part of theirs by the time a case is completed. We have travelled around the world and have enjoyed time with our clients learning about different cultures.

At Brodzki Jacobs, we focus on business immigration issues for many types of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, IT, country clubs, construction and more. We also assist individuals with work visas, family immigration, immigration litigation and naturalization. We partner with our clients in the pursuit of opportunity.