Cohabitation Agreements

Florida Courts have historically and consistently recognized and enforced contracts between couples containing support provisions and asset distribution provisions. In the absence of a marital relationship, there are no statutory defaults for non-married partners. As such, all material terms and considerations of any agreement must be set forth with specificity. Unlike Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements which are generally designed to modify, limit or eliminate statutory rights predicated upon marriage, cohabitation agreements are designed to create legal obligations in the absence of statutory rights.

In regard to acquisition, maintenance and disposition of assets and liabilities, the following should be defined in cohabitation agreements:

Other Considerations:

  • Nature and Use of Income
  • Computation and Structure of Support Obligation
  • Entitlement/Obligation for Attorney’s Fees
  • Provisions for support during relationship/post-relationship
  • Methodology for computation of support amount
  • Define rights, entitlements and obligations during pendency of enforcement action, if any, including fee provisions for trial and appellate fees.
  • Termination/Survival - Define the manner in which the partnership is terminated – notification, delivery, interim terms, etc.
Cohabitation Agreements

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