Welcome to the law firm of Brodzki Jacobs. We are honored that you have chosen to consult our firm regarding your legal matter. To better serve your needs and answer your preliminary questions we ask that you read through this consultation agreement and sign it to acknowledge that you understand the terms of this consultation.

Consulting with an attorney may be the single most important step in your legal matter. Selecting the right attorney in whom you will place all your trust to guide you through this process is critical. In addition, the advice, legal analysis and guidance you receive in your consultation will impact your decisions as you move forward in your process.

You have paid a consultation fee for your appointment. If you decide within 10 days to hire our firm to represent you, the retainer will be reduced by the amount of the consult fee.

Your consultation is confidential. We will never disclose to anyone the fact that you were here. However, you are not a client until you have signed a retainer agreement for our firm to represent you. This is not a retainer agreement. No attorney-client relationship exists unless and until you have signed a retainer agreement with the firm and paid the required fees to retain our services. We will not in any way jeopardize your privacy. When you make your appointment, we ask for a safe email address so that we can send you the intake forms. Please be advised that confidentiality laws do not allow us to help you hide assets in a legal matter. If we are made aware of the existence of hidden assets, we are obligated by law to disclose that to the Court and the other side, even if you terminate our representation.

Again, thank you for choosing our firm, and we look forward to helping you.

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