Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Parenting Plans/Time-Sharing Agreements:
What You Need To Know

Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Parenting Plans/Time-Sharing Agreements: What You Need To Know

The COVID-19 virus took the world by storm and has worked its way into our everyday lives, creating new challenges for co-parenting families. The rapid onset of restrictions and recommendations regarding the pandemic is especially troubling for parents whose children travel between two households. This crisis is affecting everything, and now more than ever, it is important for parents to communicate effectively to maximize the best interests of the children.

Parents should always adhere to the current Court order set in place, but also be flexible and reasonable when working out changes with the other parent. Until there is a Final Judgment of Modification entered by the Court, the regular parenting plan schedule applies, and you should always default to that schedule if you cannot agree to alternate arrangements. Communication, flexibility, compromise, and a united motive to act in the best interest of your child is the key to avoiding unnecessary conflict.

If all attempts at an amicable agreement fail, there are legal routes to pursue. Motions to enforce or modify the parenting plan can be filed. Substantial changes in circumstances can trigger the need to modify your parenting plan and/or child support. This is all uncharted legal territory, but Brodzki Jacobs is here to give expert advice and guide you through these challenging times. Uncertainty around COVID-19 is unsettling but our team is up and running with our extensive use of technology and 100% ready to serve you and your legal needs.

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