Differences Between E and L Visas

An E Visa is a treaty trader or investor Visa. There are a number of countries that have treaties with the US and E one is a treaty trader and an E two is a treaty investor. You can either do trade, significant trade with the US and your country which would merit the E one or you can invest money into a new or existing US company for the E two investor visa.

The L visa also used for um people that uh live in a country that does not have a treaty with the United States, but there needs to be a foreign entity and the person must have worked at the foreign entity. For at least one of the preceding three years and then will be transferred into the US entity which has some sort of affiliation with the foreign entity.

Both visas are good options. Both visas allow the applicants to be in the United States for a significant time and both visas may lead to residency depending on the person's situation to find out more.

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