Documents That May Be More Important than Ramen to a College Freshman


When you think about the things a college-bound senior may need for their departure to their school of choice, you would ordinarily consider dorm essentials, books, and possibly a large stash of ramen. However, there are important legal documents that they should not forget, specifically their Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will/Designation of Health Care Surrogate.

Once a person reaches age 18, parents and other trusted relatives can no longer easily access that person’s financial or medical information without their permission. This is especially frightening for parents sending their newly adult children to live so far away at school. We all know that accidents happen and as young adults, these college-bound 18-year-olds should be taking the initiative to make sure that they have designated someone to manage their financial affairs and to make medical decisions for them in emergency situations.

In order to make sure your student has everything he or she needs before she embarks on her journey to college, contact a trusted legal advisor. Preparing in advance for an emergency will surely make the journey to college a bit less stressful.

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