E2 Visa Lawyer Parkland: Bringing Your Family Members and Employees

In the U.S., the spouses and unmarried children aged below 21 years, of whatever nationality, may get derivative E-visas to accompany the principal visa holder. The spouse of an E-visa holder can file an application before the DHS for employment authorization. On the other hand, the children of an E-visa holder cannot hold any employment in the U.S, and when it comes to this an E2 Visa Lawyer Parkland at Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm is the best person to consult with.

The E-visa regulations permit the workers to accompany their spouses and family members under the same visa; as long as they meet the definition of an employee to the state they will be staying together during the period. Based on your situation, there are other requirements that might be needed for your employee’s entry. Talk to an E2 Visa Lawyer Parkland to make sure that your employee is eligible.

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