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The H1B visa opens up opportunities and chances for foreign workers to get employment in the United States. It also permits the employers to get the services of qualified foreign workers in the U.S. in some specific positions or occupations on a temporary basis, and to secure a successful application, they can hire a H1B Visa Lawyer Coconut Creek. In fact, the foreign professional possesses the possibility to get U.S. work based on the acquired skills.

For one to be qualified and fit the requirements for the H-1B Visa, the U.S. employer and potential employee must adhere to the USCIS conditions and regulations. The H1B visa requirements are there to make sure that the U.S. employer and foreign professional are fully compliant with the Department of Labor standards, and this has been known as a major part of this compliance is filing for a Labor Condition Application, and what better way to secure the application than getting the services of a H1B Visa Lawyer Coconut Creek.

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The moment the USCIS approves the H1B petition filed by the employer, the foreign employee can secure the H-1B Visa and get it stamped at a U.S. embassy. Also, the H-1B visa is given for an initial 3 years period, except when it is classified as a Chile or Singapore national. There are also more H1B Visa requirements that must be followed by both petitioners and employers, and getting a H1B Visa Lawyer Coconut Creek from Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm can better secure that application.

For someone who is planning to get the visa application, the H1B visa process is composed of two major considerations, namely the sponsorship by a U.S. employer and actual petition before the USCIS. The visa applicant must be backed up by a U.S. employer to commence the process. When the potential H-1B holder discovers that there is an American employer who is willing and eligible to file an H1B visa, the employer must first secure a labor certification application and present an H-1B petition to the USCIS, and Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm is here to help you.

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The H1B Visa Lawyer Coconut Creek at Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm is skilled in making and preparing the H1B petitions covering a wide variety of industries and occupations. Our lawyers take particular pride in our track record in the demanding IT consulting field, for which the USCIS specifically poses as the strict requirements on H1B filing. Call us now!

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