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If you intend to apply for an H1B visa, it's important to keep in mind it's never too early to start preparing your application. However, it's always a good idea to start planning at least a few months ahead of time to avoid any potential roadblocks or delays. Fortunately, an H1B Visa Lawyer Deerfield Beach can assist you if you run into any issues during the preparation and application process.

When submitting a new H-1B petition, you cannot seek a start date earlier than October 1st of the same year, which is especially true if you're applying with a cap-exempt firm. For example, if you apply on April 1st, your launch date cannot be sooner than October 1st of the same year, and this is only allowed if your job is cap exempt.

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It's important to keep in mind that a foreign worker must have a practical or theoretical implementation of a body of extremely specialist skills, as well as a bachelor's degree or its comparable in work experience in lieu of a degree. The reasoning behind this is that the candidate must demonstrate that their degree or comparable work experience is directly relevant to the employment they are seeking. Fortunately, Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm has the greatest lawyers available.

Furthermore, if the foreign worker holds a foreign bachelor's degree equal to a U.S. bachelor's degree, the international degree and foreign transcript must be examined and decided by an authorized credential assessor who can vouch for the equivalency.

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If the foreign employee does not have the required degree or has a degree that is unrelated to the specific occupation, but has at least 12 years of relevant work experience that is specifically linked to the specialized occupation position, the work experience will demonstrate that the foreign employee has highly specialized knowledge. Our H1B Visa Lawyer Deerfield Beach at Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm can assist you in obtaining the application you want.

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