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If qualified for the H2B Visa, then you must know that such is a nonimmigrant work visa where it gives a process and chance for United States employers and agents to get the services of foreign nationals to take up their temporary needs for additional workers. The period of the stay on an H2B visa is confined to the length of the employer’s need for more workers. For this, you will need an H2B Visa Lawyer Pompano Beach to help you out on the requirements.

Further, the authorized period of stay is one year at the maximum. The moment the one year has lapsed, the visa may be stretched to an additional of two more years for a total of three years. But, extension applications are subjected to scrutiny as the majority of the stays authorized on H-2B visas will be for a period of less than one year. Luckily, an H2B Visa Lawyer Pompano Beach can help you out.

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In planning to get foreign employees, the government recognizes some circumstances in ascertaining the temporary need for workers, and these are recurring seasonal need, intermittent need, peak-load need, and need hinged on a temporary occurrence. This is where the services of Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm come in to help you, and with the best H2B Visa Lawyer Pompano Beach, you know you will be one step closer to getting that visa approved.

In actuality, there is no hard and fast rule on determining the length of a season. However, the seasons of more than nine or ten months per year are permanent employment and not merely seasonal employment. To be able to get a full grasp on the requirements, hire a H2B Visa Lawyer Pompano Beach from Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm.

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If you belong to the category of skilled or unskilled workers, then you may file for an H-2B visa. Usually, the only workers who are not included are foreign medical professionals seeking to perform work in medical work. This type of visa is usually used for entertainers and athletes. To know more, reach out to an H2B Visa Lawyer Pompano Beach. When it comes to this, Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm is the name to trust.

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