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Working as an employee or owning an international company with offices here in the United States and abroad could mean that you could be a candidate for L-1 visas. This L-1 is a type of non-immigrant visa that enables employees of international companies to transfer to the U.S. to live and work for the company in the U.S. for a specified number of years, and when it comes to this you might need an L1 Visa Lawyer Coral Springs.

In addition to that, the increasing unemployment rate in the United State is due to the strict implementation of the visa. However, it does not negate the fact that you are qualified for this visa, but the authorities have just been more particular than ever. Luckily, an L1 Visa Lawyer Coral Springs can help you out.

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The L1 visa is a type nonimmigrant work visa for intercompany transferees, and it can even be further classified to A and B. For L1A visas, these are for multinational managers and executives, and L1B visas are for professionals with specialized knowledge. In the application of these visas, you might need the help of an L1 Visa Lawyer Coral Springs.

Moreover, L1 visa applications are filed on the Form I-129, and there is no need for labor certification. For an L1A, the maximum length of stay is 7 years, and 5 years for an L1B visa holder. In fact, it is possible to shift from an L1 visa to a green card, and an L1 Visa Lawyer Coral Springs from Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm can help you with the transition.

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At the Brodzki Law Firm, we have helped many businesses and individuals successfully get through the L-1 visa process. If you would like to discuss your L-1 visa needs with an L1 Visa Lawyer Coral Springs, feel free to contact us. Call us today for an application!

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