L1 Visa Lawyer Deerfield Beach:
The L1 Visa Requirements

Based on which country an employee is coming from, the L-1 visa is going to be granted for various lengths of your time. L-1B visas will be of service to you for a maximum of 5 years, and L-1A visas are available for slightly longer, for a maximum of seven years. Extensions are usually available, and are granted for up to a maximum of two years. If you have not yet reached the maximum amount of time on your L-1 visa, our L1 visa lawyer Houston can assist you in applying for an extension.

Speak along with your L1 Visa Lawyer Deerfield Beach to debate the L-1 visa application process and therefore the sort of evidence required. In addition to this, the employee must also work for the corporation for a minimum of one whole year out of the three years immediately preceding the filing of the L-1 application. The worker must also seek to enter the U.S. to supply service in an executive or managerial capacity for a branch of the identical company.

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