Parent Relocation Lawyer Coral Springs: The Basics You Need To Know

In parent relocation cases, the custody is referred to as parental rights and responsibilities, which basically translates to physical custody. The parent being awarded with physical custody will have the say on where the child lives and attends school and will make decisions pertaining to medical needs and care. This custodial parent is also tasked with letting the other parent know of important and big changes to the child.

Not only that, a custodial parent is also allowed to relocate without the need of court approval if the relocation doesn't much impair the noncustodial parent's rights and responsibilities, but the notice prior to the planned relocation is really necessary. In other words, if the relocation will not greatly impair the other parent's visitation rights, then it is fine. To help you, you will need a parent relocation lawyer Coral Springs.

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