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When divorce takes place, there may come a time when one party desires to move to another part of the city or out of the State. These might stem out from a new job opportunity, a need to live closer to relatives or just the need for a change of view. Regardless of the underlying reasons or if such is motivated by good faith, your relocation wishes can be complicated if you don’t have the expert help of a parent relocation lawyer Coral Springs.

A parent relocation lawyer Coral Springs will work closely with family law clients throughout the State. It must be emphasized that laws change and that court is particular when evaluating relocation requests. Despite what reason you have for seeking to move out of state with your children or are going against the relocation, parent relocation possesses the knowledge and resources essential to advise you.

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When deciding to move with a child, one parent cannot just move on his or her own without notifying the other parent. That parent must have to request a change that permits the relocation. For this process to start, the relocating parent must give out a 30-day notice to the other parent, and this can be made easier with a parent relocation lawyer Coral Springs.

The moment the petition for filing is done, an injunction is needed to establish while the judge assesses whether to permit the relocation. The underlying principle the courts make us of is always the best interest of the child, and the other considerations or factors that affect the child’s best interest include the child’s relation to the community and to the other relatives as well.

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For those who are in need of having continued access to their children, parental relocation concerns are of great importance, and Brodzki Jacobs Law Firm has the best parent relocation lawyer Coral Springs who will work to make sure that your interests and concerns for your children are properly addressed. Call us now!

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